iWiiBoard-Interactive Whiteboard Solutions

iWiiBoard provides low-cost, portable infrared scan(IR touch) interactive whiteboards,includes the wiimote whiteboard. With an infrared pen, a receiver and a projector, you'll be able to write or highlight directly on top of any surface by using the iWiiBoard whiteboard software.

Free download iWiiBoard whiteboard software

iWiiBoard will allow the teacher to keep notes and annotations as an electroinc files. In addition, iWiiBoard can record their instruction as digital video files and the student will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher's video & autio input.

You audience will definitely sit up and pay attention when they see you break out iWiiBoard! Transparent buttons and a floating dynamic toolbar let your audience view the demo in full, and the 3D interactive whiteboard software interface with gesture input will pull them in and keep them fascinated, no matter what the topic!

Please visit our wiki page for iwiiboard's interactive whiteboard/wiimote whiteboard manual and setup guide.

Existing license holders can be upgraded for free to iWiiBoard's latest version. If you are an iWiiBoard Dongle Edition user, you can send us an email for the request for the installer for the Dongle Edition of the iWiiBoard's latest version.

Real Users Say:

“Complete your setup with the best Wiimote Whiteboard annotation software that we have found. This software has everything and more than any other software that we have tested, including a multi colored highlighting feature and a magnifier that are very useful. The iWiiBoard interactive whiteboard software is also very easy to purchase and install. ”- Oconto High School

“..Hi Ronnie ... the software is great....Thanks again for all your work on this!”- Michael Z, Durham, NH

“..Just to let you know I received the registration code yesterday and got everything up and running more or less immediately.”- Daniel J,New York, NY

“This looks awesome. I think you have just taken the lead for the most functional Wiimote Whiteboard Application.”- Ben S,LaGrange, IL

“...works awesome the settings and functions are very user friendly.”- Calvin D,California